Hawaii Gas - The Clean Energy Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you calling yourself HAWAI'I GAS now?

There has been no change in ownership or management. We are still the same company you knew as The Gas Company. We simply felt that the name HAWAI'I GAS, The Clean Energy Company better represents who we are: a company founded in Hawai'i more than 100 years ago, and a key part of Hawaii's energy future. We're proud to be local, and proud to have Hawai'i as part of our name.


Will anything change with my gas bill?

No, there will be no change to your existing gas bill. You can continue to expect the same reliable service and great customer care as before.


What does your new logo stand for?

Our HAWAI'I GAS Green Flame logo conveys several messages in one simple, iconic shape. The Green Flame suggests the traditional concept of mana, power or energy. The Green Flame also incorporates a recycling symbol, underlining the fact that we are focused on renewable, eco-friendly energy sources.


What are you doing to make Hawai'i greener?

We call ourselves "The Clean Energy Company" because we're playing a key role in helping Hawai'i transition to green energy sources.

One of the ways we are helping accomplish this goal is by making Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) from renewable feedstock such as animal fats and plant oils. Our goal is to maximize the amount of RNG contained in our gas from renewable and sustainable sources.

We are also excited about our plans to help make Hawai'i more energy self-sufficient by delivering hydrogen from our manufacturing processes. This clean, renewable energy source can power cars with hydrogen fuel cells.