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Hawaii Gas has been supplying first responders and critical facilities as hurricane lane approaches

HONOLULU – Hawaii Gas has been busy the past few days making sure Hawaii’s first responders such as the Coast Guard, police and fire departments as well as critical facilities such as hospitals have an adequate supply of gas throughout Hurricane Lane.

“Although we do not predict any issues or disruptions with our underground pipeline and supporting infrastructure, Hawaii Gas has crews standing by and our call center is staffed and prepared to serve our customers and community through this event,” said Alicia Moy, Hawaii Gas president and CEO.

Gas customers with the proper appliances are able to cook, have hot water and have emergency power even during power outages. Hawaii Gas’ synthetic natural gas (SNG) plant on O‘ahu is operating normally and its underground pipeline continues to deliver gas to customers from Kapolei to Hawai‘i Kai. Hawaii Gas currently has an adequate supply of feedstock for its SNG Plant. As an added layer of energy security, the company has liquefied natural gas (LNG) on-site and is prepared to supplement production if there is a disruption in its primary fuel source. The SNG Plant also has double redundant backup with LNG as well as with a propane-air backup system.

The Hawaii Gas team has taken a proactive approach to servicing its propane customers statewide by working through Thursday and making some deliveries today to top off customers’ tanks where conditions have been safe for its employees to do so. Hawaii Gas has made extra deliveries to propane dispenser customers to ensure the public was able to fill propane tanks for their grills in time for the storm as well. Hawaii Gas customers should not attempt to move permanently installed gas canisters, tanks or cylinders.

“Across the state, we will do everything we can to keep our customers supplied with natural gas and propane during and after this event. We are prepared for the worst but hoping for the best. We have more than a million gallons of inventory statewide and our inter-island barges are ready to transport propane between islands as needed. Another shipment of propane is scheduled to arrive the first week of September, pending the harbors reopening,” said Moy.

Hawaii Gas customers should not turn off their gas unless advised to do so by emergency management officials or Hawaii Gas. However, those who are evacuating their homes or businesses may turn off their gas by following the instructions on It is critical to note that for safety reasons, only a trained Hawaii Gas technician may turn the gas back on.

As always, if anyone smells gas or suspects a gas leak, stay away from it, call 911 and then call Hawaii Gas at 808-535-5933. Hawaii Gas is also taking service and delivery requests online at

About Hawaii Gas

Hawaii Gas is Hawaii’s only government-franchised, full-service gas company manufacturing and distributing gas in Hawai‘i. Hawaii Gas manufactures synthetic natural gas, or SNG, for its utility customers on O‘ahu, and distributes liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG (propane), to utility, tank and bottled gas customers on all islands. Hawaii Gas is a subsidiary of Macquarie Infrastructure Corporation (NYSE:MIC). For more information, visit


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