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Hawaiʻi Gas Serves The Entire State

Since 1904, Hawaiʻi Gas has been the only franchised gas utility in the State of Hawai'i. Over the years, we have installed gas pipeline infrastructure, built bulk storage facilities with access to the harbor and developed a highly skilled workforce on every major island. Gas energy is a critical part of our fuel mix in Hawai'i, providing a cleaner and lower cost alternative for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Who we

ripples in oil slick water.

We Are Clean, Green Energy

Gas is the most efficient source of heat energy making it the perfect bridge toHawaii’s clean energy future.

We Are Proud To Be Local

It's appropriate that Hawai'i is part of our name. After all, we were founded in Hawai'i and have been serving the Islands for more than 100 years.

Hawaii coastline aerial photo.
Hawaii Gas field team members.

We Are Friendly, Dependable Service

You can count on knowledgeable and helpful service from our friendly call center representatives to our service techs and deliver drivers.

Caring for Our Community

We strengthening the communities we serve by fostering partnerships with impactful local non-profit organizations. Hawaiʻi Gas supports a diverse set of local non-profits and sponsors events that enhance the vitality of our neighborhoods. Our partnerships are more than just a charitable donations program—they are a force for good that deliver a brighter future for Hawaiʻi.

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Alicia E. Moy
Joanne Barradas
Chief Financial Officer
Thomas Young, EVP, Special Projects and Strategic Supply
Thomas K.L.M. Young
Executive Advisor
Kevin Nishimura, VP Operations
Kevin Nishimura
Vice President, Operations
Nathan Nelson, VP, General Counsel & Secretary
Nathan C. Nelson
Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary
Manu Bermudes
Vice President, Human Resources
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