Access to Your Gas Meters and Tanks

Access to Property

Meter readers, service technicians and delivery personnel are just a few of the employees who regularly visit your neighborhood. Please help us keep everyone safe by adhering to these safety procedures:

  • Note the date and time of your meter reading, scheduled gas delivery or service appointment. Make sure the area around your tank/meter is clear of any blocks and is safe for Hawaii Gas service people to access.
  • Please be sure your dog or pet is secured before our employees arrive at your property. We prefer that the pet be secured in a location where our service  person is not working. If we deem the environment unsafe due to the presence of a pet, your service call or gas delivery may be rescheduled, or your meter reading may be estimated.
  • If anything changes on your property that might cause a safety hazard to our employees, such as construction or acquiring a new animal, please contact us so that we can record it in our files.
  • If you are planning construction or renovation to your residence or business, please contact us in advance to make sure that your plans will not interfere with our ability to provide you with continuous and safe service.

Hawaiʻi Gas personnel are authorized access to gas facilities – meters, tanks, cylinders, and piping – for maintenance and routine operations (per Tariff and service agreement). If, for reasons outside of our control, the meter cannot be accessed or accurate gas usage data is not available, we will notify you and bill you based on an estimated consumption of gas during the affected billing period. To take steps to correct:

  1. We will send a letter requesting access.
  2. After two subsequent failed attempts to read the meter, we will assess a $50 charge on your bill.
  3. After two additional failed re-reads ($50 per attempt) we will send a letter upon which you will have 30 days to grant access or your gas service may automatically be terminated.

Tank Service and Refill

Your first bill will include the cost of the gallons of propane in the tank and any deliveries made during the billing period. Future bills will show gas deliveries and services requested and/or provided during the billing period.

Most propane tank customers are placed on an automatic refill delivery schedule based on the customer’s average monthly gas usage. Other tank customers are placed on a will call delivery schedule due to uncertain timing of their refill. Will call delivery customers should periodically check their tank gauge and contact us when the gauge reading is at 30-35% to ensure uninterrupted service. A refill will be scheduled within 10 working days. If an immediate refill is needed, a service charge will also be added to the billing period. Tank customers are charged for the gas initially in the tank. When gas service is discontinued, tank customers are credited for the value of gas left in the tank. Contact your local Hawai‘i Gas office before the intended end of service date to ensure a timely credit and account closure.

Cylinder Service and Refills

Cylinders are typically installed in pairs. When one cylinder is emptied take these steps to restore gas service:

  • Close the valve on the top of the empty cylinder.
  • Turn the manifold valve switch to the full cylinder.
  • Slowly open the valve on the top of the full cylinder all the way. 
  • Call us to schedule replacement of the empty cylinder.

If gas service is discontinued, credit will be issued only for full unused cylinders. Cylinder refills are scheduled within 10 working days of receipt of a customer’s request. When our service personnel replace your empty cylinder, you will be given a dated receipt indicating the gallons of gas delivered and billed accordingly. If you request an immediate delivery, a service charge will also be added to the billing period.

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