Our Sustainability Commitment

Our commitment to sustainability drives our mission to deliver safe, clean, affordable, resilient energy to communities across the state. We keep Hawaiʻi running on good energy–it’s not just what we do; it’s why we do it.

Sustainability Reports

Our sustainability reports describe Hawaiʻi Gas' vision and commitment to leading through sustainability and innovation to create lasting benefits for our island community.

2022 Sustainability Report
2021 Sustainability Report

Hawaii Gas Sustainability Report

Clean Energy

We believe that achieving net-zero carbon emissions is our responsibility as an energy provider and steward of the environment. Learn more about plans to reach carbon neutrality by 2045 or sooner.

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We continue to invest in renewable energy and clean energy technologies like solar farms and systems that combine heat and gas to produce electricity.

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Reducing our own carbon footprint as a company is just one example of our commitment to carbon neutrality. Hawaiʻi Gas has several initiatives in progress that will define, measure and track greenhouse gas emissions and energy conservation across our own facilities and fixed assets.

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We partner with other community leaders to advance environmental and economic goals for the benefit of our community.

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