Reducing our own carbon footprint as a company is an example of our commitment to carbon neutrality. Hawaiʻi Gas has several initiatives in progress that will define, measure and track greenhouse gas emissions and energy conservation across our own facilities and fixed assets.

Energy Efficiency

The Hawaiʻi Energy Incentive Program completed an energy efficiency evaluation at several company-owned facilities to identify areas of improvement and lay out a plan for future implementation of green technology wherever and whenever feasible. Older lighting fixtures were replaced with energy-efficient LED lights and solar PV systems were installed on some facilities.

A Fleet Conversion Pilot Program is in the works to study the feasibility of converting our Hawaiʻi Gas service vehicle fleet to a more energy-efficient fuel source thereby reducing our overall impact on the environment.

Water Efficiency

A comprehensive water audit was conducted as an important component of our company initiatives. The audit provided a 4-year assessment (2019 through 2022) of water consumption at our main facility located in Kaka‘ako (Kamake‘e). This evaluation focused on all aspects of our business operations relating to conservation and efficiency opportunities to minimize the amount of water consumed onsite.

Through this analysis, we gained valuable insights into our water usage patterns, pinpointing areas of efficiency and opportunities to reduce consumption, cost, and our carbon footprint. We continue to be dedicated to responsible water stewardship while demonstrating our progress towards mitigating water-related impacts to the islands and advancing our corporate sustainability goals.

Better Buildings Benchmarking

Better Buildings Benchmarking was signed into law by Mayor Blangiardi to measure a building's consumption of energy and water over time. By providing building owners and tenants with this data, we help them understand their building's energy and water use and identify opportunities to reduce waste and save money.

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