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Pay and schedule bills, monitor gas usage, and track service requests with MyAccount

Your gas, your way - access your Hawaiʻi Gas account at your fingertips!

All Hawaiʻi Gas customers can access their gas account information through MyAccount. This service is available for all commercial and residential customers receiving both utility and non-utility service. It is free, secured access to your account through a browser on your desktop computer or mobile phone.

Hawaiʻi Gas customers can register or log in to MyAccount here:
Some of the things you can do through MyAccount:

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to sign up for MyAccount?

• Account number
• Service address zip code
• If you receive a message saying 'no account found', please try another email address.

How do I set up automatic payments?

• Select Bills & Payment in the left pane.
• Select Auto Pay in the top bar. Autopay can only be set up with a bank account at this time. Credit/debit cards will not work.
• If there isn't a saved payment method, select Please add a new Payment Method and click Add New Bank.
• Enter your bank account information and save.
• Click on the set up AutoPay link.

* If you switch your payment method from a bank account to a credit card, AutoPay will be invalidated. 
** If you need to change your saved payment method, please verify that this is also reflected in your AutoPay payment method within MyAccount to ensure that there are no payment interruptions. 

• If bank account is saved, click New AutoPay Setup and use the drop-down menu options to select the appropriate bank account information.
• Select Yes, put me on AutoPay.
• Select Save this AutoPay Setup.

What are recurring scheduled payments?

Recurring Scheduled Payments are pre-set monthly payments where the Customer determines the amount they want to pay (fixed amount vs balance in full) and when they want the payment to be made (specific day each month vs invoice due date).

These payment schedules can be set up with a credit card or a bank account. Each time a payment is drafted, the convenience fee (please make the convenience fee a link to the convenience fee verbiage) will apply.

To set up a new recurring scheduled payment:

• Select Bills & Payment in the left pane.
• Select Recurring Scheduled Payments in the top bar.
• If there isn’t a saved payment method, select Please add a new Payment Method before signing up for a new recurring scheduled payment by clicking here.
• Click on + Add New Credit/Debit Card or + Add New Bank Account to add a payment method.
• Enter the Credit/Debit Card or Bank Account information. Check the Default box to set it as the default payment method. Note: If there is only one payment method saved, it will automatically set as the default payment method.
• Once done, click Save Credit/Debit Card Information or Save Bank Information. The payment will now appear as a Saved Payment Method.
• To return to the Recurring Scheduled Payments page, select Recurring Scheduled Payments in the top bar. 
• Select + New Recurring Scheduled Payment.
• Select the Invoice Type * from the drop-down menu.
• Select the preferred payment option from the I want to * drop down menu.
• Complete the remaining payment fields (these fields are dependent on the payment option selected). Note: The payment method that was added/saved will default in the Use this payment method * field.
• Once done, click Save my changes.

*If a payment method is already saved, select + New Recurring Scheduled Payment and complete the remaining steps (listed above).

Can I contact Hawaiʻi Gas online?

• Select Forms in the left pane, then select Customer Request.
• Select and complete the applicable form.

Response times can take up to 3-5 business days.

Can I enroll in paperless billing?

Enabling paperless billing will stop printed bills from being mailed out (you can only opt for one or the other).  Once enrolled, the bill will get emailed to the email address used during MyAccount registration.

There are two ways to enroll:
• Select Bills & Payment in the left pane. Select Paperless Bills in the top bar. Select Yes, check/select the Invoice Cloud Terms and Conditions, and Save my changes.
• Or select Enroll me in Paperless when paying your invoice in the Pay My Bill tab.

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