Safe Use of Gas Appliances

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing, operating and caring for your appliances. Because propane has higher energy content than SNG per cubic foot, check with Hawaiʻi Gas to ensure the connections and hookups for your appliances are sized properly. 

If your pilot light goes out, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and wait for any accumulated gas to disperse before re-lighting. If you are uncomfortable with relighting the pilot light, contact Hawaiʻi Gas immediately. A small fee will be charged for this relighting service.

If your appliance does not have an automatic ignition or you have lost electrical power requiring manual ignition, always light the match first and hold it at the point of lighting before turning on the gas.

Keep combustibles (curtains, papers, fluids, etc.) away from open gas flames and keep burner surfaces clean and free from built up grease and oil.

Gas line, appliance or equipment installation and repair should be handled by trained professionals; you should not attempt to do repairs yourself.

If your gas water heater is installed in an enclosed location, be sure that it is properly vented.

Before installing or attempting to service your gas appliances, call your local Hawaii Gas office.

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