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Welcome to the Hawaiʻi Gas Engineering Guide!

This website is a technical resource to assist engineers, architects, developers and other industry professionals with access to gas specifications and requirements for the safe installation of gas piping, equipment and appliances.

Our team of engineers and technicians is always available to partner with you at every phase of your gas project. We offer a full range of services from engineering and design assistance to the installation of pipelines.

This guide includes information about installation, ventilation, valves and regulators, piping and more. For additional information or to schedule a meeting, please contact our Hawaiʻi Gas Engineering Department at (808) 594-5591.


The information contained in this website consists of technical information for Engineers, Architects, and Contractors engaged in the installation of gas-fired equipment in the State of Hawaiʻi that is serviced by Hawaiʻi Gas. Information contained herein has been extracted from Hawaiʻi Gas standards and local codes that have been adopted and incorporated by local authorities. However, this website does not attempt to set forth all the requirements of any such ordinance or code. Hawaiʻi Gas recommends that all design engineers, architects, and contractors become thoroughly familiar with the requirements of the following applicable ordinances or codes: 

National Electric Code (NEC 2002)
National Fuel Gas Code (NFPA 54)
Uniform Building Code (UBC 1997)
Uniform Fire Code (UFC 1997)
Uniform Mechanical Code (UMC 1997)
Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC 1997) 
Standard for Storage and Handling of Liquefied PetroleumGases (NFPA 58)

Hawaiʻi Gas is not responsible for the safe or proper installation of gas piping, equipment, or appliances beyond its meter or LPG tank and does not, by granting access to this website, assume any such responsibility. However, if Hawaiʻi Gas finds a gas-fired appliance installation beyond its meter that it considers to be unsafe, it is authorized to refuse to supply or discontinue gas service to such installation or appliance until the condition that renders it unsafe is corrected.

All persons who are not authorized agents of Hawaiʻi Gas are prohibited from connecting or disconnecting Hawaiʻi Gas’ meters, tanks, or service pipes or in any way altering or interfering with HawaiʻiGas meters, tanks, or service piping. Upon receipt of notice, Hawaiʻi Gas will promptly attend to any work required in connection with its meters, tanks, or service pipes. For connections that require removal of the gas meter, or LPG tank, contact Hawaiʻi Gas for removal.

Architects, Engineers, or Contractors are invited to consult with Hawaiʻi Gas Engineering Department at (808) 594-5591 or nearest neighbor island branch office on design piping or appliance problems and industrial applications not covered by this information. For the location of Hawaiʻi Gas’ existing gas mains and service lines, consult your nearest branch office. For Oahu, the Maps &Records Department can be reached at (808) 594-5575. For all other islands, contact information for neighbor island branch offices are listed below.


The information is being provided strictly for theconvenience of the user. HawaiʻiGas makes no warranties or representations of any kind, either expressed orimplied, regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information beingprovided. Access to this information is being provided on an “AS IS” basis andthe user assumes any and all risks in its use. Hawaiʻi Gas shall not be liable or held responsible for anyomissions, additions or errors. As the information contained herein is updatedor revised from time to time, The Gas Company shall not be liable for anydamage or loss caused by the timeliness of the information provided.


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