Understanding Your Gas Bill

Hawaiʻi Gas sends a bill each month to our customers for gas services provided in the previous month. If you have questions or need assistance understanding your bill, please contact us.

    1. 1. Account Summary
    1. 2. Account Number
    1. 3. UT Oahu RES Consumption
      • Also known as "Base Rate" or "Commodity Charge" this rate is to be charged by and paid to Hawaiʻi Gas for gas service is approved by the Hawaiʻi Public Utilities Commission (HPUC). The rate applies to all therms used in the billing month, and the rate is set during Hawaiʻi Gas' general rate case and approved by the HPUC.
      • Consumption is calculated by taking Usage x BTU Factor = Therms. We take the Therms multiplied by your current rate plan to calculate the gas charge.
      • The island name shown in this line item will be reflective of where the account is located.
    1. 4. Utility Residential Base
      • This customer charge is fixed and does not change until the next general rate case and approved by the HPUC.
      • It is a fixed monthly amount that covers certain service costs, including maintenance and repair of customer lines, and customer-related expenses, such as meter reading and billing.
    1. 5. Fuel Cost Adjustment
      • The fuel cost adjustment allows Hawaiʻi Gas to recover variable costs associated with a gas commodity beyond Hawaiʻi Gas' control. The primary costs are SNG, Propane, RNG, and LNG. However, there is also a transportation cost component with the commodity to deliver the fuel to Hawaiʻi. For foreign gas shipments to the Islands, the transportation cost is included in the commodity price paid to third parties.
      • The fuel cost to generate or procure the gas commodity is set during Hawaiʻi Gas' general rate case and approved by the HPUC. When the fuel cost is more or less than the approved fuel cost, there shall be a corresponding increase or decrease in the fuel cost adjustment.
      • In summary, Hawaiʻi Gas is not allowed to profit on fuel costs; what we pay to manufacture SNG or purchase Propane, LPG, or LNG/RNG is what the customer pays.
    1. 6. Utility Customer Appreciation Credit
    1. 7. Due Date
    1. 8. Total Payment Due

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I pay my bill?
We offer various payment options, including paying online with a credit card, debit/ATM card, or electronic check. You can also set up automatic payment from your bank account, send a check or money order by mail, or pay in person at any Hawai'i Gas branch office or a Western Union retail location. For more information, visit our Pay Bill page

How is gas consumption measured?
Synthetic Natural Gas and utility propane consumption is measured in therms. Non-utility propane consumption is measured in gallons.

What might cause my gas bill to vary each month?
Increased or decreased gas consumption due to weather or changes in occupancy can cause fluctuations in your gas bill. Although it rarely occurs, a substantial increase in your bill may indicate a leak. See our safety page on leak detection for more information. Also, the number of days in the billing period changes in our cost to provide propane and SNG could also contribute to monthly differences in your gas bill.

What are some ways I can be more efficient with my gas usage?
From reducing your shower time to washing your clothes in cold water, there are lots of easy ways to increase your gas efficiency. Visit our Good Energy Tips page to learn more.

If you have questions or need help understanding your bill, please contact your local Hawaiʻi Gas branch office.

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