Clean Energy

Our goal is to balance the need to provide affordable, resilient and sustainable energy options for Hawaiʻi with the responsibility of reducing our company’s overall carbon footprint. We believe that reaching carbon neutrality by 2045 or sooner is achievable through decarbonization, diversification, innovation, and carbon offset programs. Hawaiʻi Gas is working toward that future and understands that achieving net-zero carbon emissions is our responsibility as an energy provider and steward of the environment.

Renewable Natural Gas

Renewable natural gas (RNG) is natural gas or methane that is created using the biogas generated by organic matter as it decomposes. RNG is an ultra-clean fuel and can be considered carbon-negative depending on the source because it potentially converts more greenhouse gases than it emits. Learn more about our RNG facility.

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Hydrogen—a clean, zero-emissions fuel—will be the clean energy source of the future. Hawaiʻi Gas has been using hydrogen in our utility fuel mix for many years. Learn more about the new opportunities we are exploring to improve clean energy options for our state.

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