Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Reducing our own carbon footprint as a company is an example of our commitment to carbon neutrality. Hawaiʻi Gas has several initiatives in progress that will define, measure and track greenhouse gas emissions and energy conservation across our own facilities and fixed assets.

Facilities Evaluation

The Hawaiʻi Energy Incentive Program completed an energy efficiency evaluation at several company-owned facilities to identify areas of improvement and lay out a plan for future implementation of green technology wherever and whenever feasible. Older lighting fixtures were replaced with energy-efficient LED lights and solar PV systems were installed on some facilities.

A Fleet Conversion Pilot Program is in the works to study the feasibility of converting our Hawaiʻi Gas service vehicle fleet to a more energy efficient fuel source thereby reducing our overall impact to the environment.


A Hawaiʻi Gas Sustainability Committee has been established and will complete a greenhouse gas emissions inventory to establish reporting baselines and to support aspirational science-based emissions reduction targets. The ability to track and report on our progress aligns with our promise to being transparent and forthcoming with the community.

Our sustainability report describes Hawaiʻi Gas' vision and commitment to leading through sustainability and innovation to create lasting benefits for our island community. The report was published in December 2022 for the reporting period January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.

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