For Business

Natural gas is the preferred choice of energy for local business when it comes to fueling their unique needs. Whatever businesses use gas for-cooking, manufacturing, heating or drying-gas delivers unmatched results!

Your Time is Valuable

In any business, time is of the essence. Anytime you need emergency assistance, 24/7, our service technicians will be there to get your business up and running in no time. Our teams can assist in the repair and maintenance of gas equipment, and in improving efficiency and performance to help run your business.

Energy Consultation & Solutions

We do much more than deliver gas to our customers; we deliver solutions. Our energy professionals are available for energy efficiency audits, energy solutions engineering, and analysis of energy alternatives.

Our engineers and technicians work alongside developers as well as architectural and engineering consultants to provide technical expertise on new gas projects of all types. We offer a full range of services, from engineering and design assistance to the installation of pipelines.

Business Partners From Day One

As the only full-service gas company with branches on all the major islands, we are in a unique position to analyze your energy alternatives, establish your gas service, and provide on-going support as your business needs change.

Switch and Save with Gas

When compared to electricity or other alternate fuel sources, clean-burning gas energy can significantly reduce both cost and carbon emissions. Switching also means you’ll never run out of things like hot water to keep your business going. And keep in mind that natural gas has many other uses besides heating: it can power manufacturing processes, drying, cooling and more.

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