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Benefits of Gas

Safe. Clean. Reliable. These are just some of the reasons gas energy is America’s fuel choice for heating, cooking and hot water. However, those aren’t the only benefits. Take a look at some of the other advantages gas energy has to offer.


Gas energy is the most cost-effective fuel next to the sun itself. A typical Hawaii Gas customer pays less per year for our gas energy than they would for electricity to do the same tasks. The cost to convert is also less than you may think.

Energy Efficiency

In typical home appliances, the direct use of gas energy results in energy consumption that is 28 percent less than a similar home with all-electric appliances. Efficiency saves energy and money.

Environmentally Responsible

Gas energy is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels around. By using gas energy in your appliances instead of electricity, you can reduce your home greenhouse gas emission by 37 percent! Using gas energy for more of your energy needs presents a promise of cleaner air and a smaller carbon footprint for our state.



With one of the most stable energy systems statewide, Hawai‘i Gas has never had to stop service in its more than 100-year history. Because the gas stays on when the electricity goes out, having multiple power sources in your home allows you to be more resilient through any kind of blackout. Cooking and heating water with gas are uninterrupted. And, if you have a gas-powered back-up generator, even the electricity stays on.

Learn how to prepare your home for power outages with a backup gas generator.

Luxury for Less

Families that use gas energy for hot water and cooking in the homes realize many benefits including more efficient drying, more control in cooking, as well as more stable pricing allowing them to live more while paying less.

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