Maui Recovery

October 18, 2023

Hawaiʻi Gas stands hand-in-hand with the Maui community as we navigate this unimaginable loss, collaborating closely with local authorities while prioritizing the safety of our employees, first responders, and the public. Update as of October 16, 2023: The Public Utilities Commission recently ordered the extension of the disconnection moratorium. Please note that any threat of service disconnection is a scam. Read the full order here.

Billing Suspended
To ease some of the financial burden during this incredibly challenging time, Hawaiʻi Gas has suspended billing, termination or disconnection due to non-payment, and any late payment penalties for customers impacted by the fire. If you are facing financial hardship or have questions about your bill, please call the Maui Customer Care team at (808) 877-6557. Hawaiʻi Gas will work with customers to establish payment plans to prevent future substantial bills after the suspension period ends.

For information about keeping energy costs manageable, please see our list of energy efficiency tips for household appliances.

Safety Precautions
For those returning to locations impacted by wildfire, be sure to stay a safe distance away from any propane tank, cylinder, meter, or piping that may have been exposed to heat.

Gas Service Response
At this time, we are providing normal service to unimpacted residential and commercial customers on all islands, and all emergency situations will continue to be handled as a priority.

On Maui, we are supporting displaced residents and businesses by providing critical product for government agencies and authorities, laundry services, hotels and restaurants, and propane distributors. These efforts provide meals for evacuees, generator power for agencies to support emergency response, and sanitary hot water, showers, and laundry.

While Hawaiʻi Gas does not sell small individual propane tanks (such as those used for outdoor grills), we are working with our propane distributors to ensure that their needs are met in the coming weeks and months.

Community Support
We are also supporting island residents through our Kokua Giving program, which is double-matching Hawaiʻi Gas employee contributions to Hawaiʻi Community Foundation’s Maui Strong Fund or the Maui Red Cross. Hawaiʻi Gas has made a corporate donation to the Maui Strong Fund in the amount of $25,000.

Mahalo for your understanding and resilience as we navigate these challenges together. For questions or concerns, please call the Maui customer care team at (808) 877-6557.

External resources
For the latest county-level information on the disaster, please check the Maui County website.

The county-level Maui Emergency Management Agency website.

Office of the Governor News Releases and Emergency Proclamations.
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