Clean Energy

Simply put, the goal of the Hawaiʻi Gas Clean Energy Plan is to balance the need to provide affordable, resilient and sustainable energy options for Hawaiʻi with the responsibility of reducing our company’s overall carbon footprint. We believe that reaching carbon neutrality by 2045 or sooner is achievable through decarbonization, diversification, innovation, and carbon offset programs that are outlined in a four-pronged plan. Hawaiʻi Gas is working toward that future and understands that achieving net-zero carbon emissions is our responsibility as an energy provider and steward of the environment.

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Sustainability Report

Our 2021 sustainability report describes Hawaiʻi Gas' vision and commitment to leading through sustainability and innovation to create lasting benefits for our island community. The report was published in December 2022 for the reporting period January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.

Hawaii Gas Sustainability Report

Energy Efficiency Initiatives

To reduce our own carbon footprint as a company is an example of our commitment to carbon neutrality. Hawaiʻi Gas has several initiatives in progress that will define, measure and track greenhouse gas emissions and energy conservation across our own facilities and fixed assets.

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Hawaii Gas Honolulu office.
Solar panels.


We will continue to invest in other renewable energy and clean energy technologies like solar farms and systems that combine heat and gas to produce electricity.

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We will continue to decarbonize our fuel source into cleaner gases like renewable natural gas and hydrogen all the while providing a stable and resilient energy infrastructure.

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Liquid natural gas tanks and silos

Participating and Investing in Clean Energy Projects

We are collaborating with organizations locally and around the world that share similar goals in furthering energy policy, combating climate change, and adopting of sustainable and socially responsible business practices.

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