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Clean Energy for Hawaii

More Than a Century of Innovation
Hawaii Gas has always focused on bringing Hawaii cleaner, lower-cost energy. As early as 1909, the Pacific Coast Gas Association recognized Hawaii Gas for being “years ahead of its time.”

One of Hawaii’s Cleanest-Burning Alternative Fuels
Synthetic natural gas (SNG) and propane lead the way in Hawaii today as one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels. LNG, which is natural gas in its liquid form, is also a clean and environmentally friendly source of energy that Hawaii Gas is bringing to Hawaii to lower costs for customers. Natural gas is now used to supplement SNG, but once delivered to Hawaii in sufficient quantities it can replace SNG altogether. Besides the direct use of natural gas in our utility pipeline distribution systems, natural gas can also be used for a number of other applications including electricity production, ground and marine transportation and various industrial applications.

Developing Renewable Natural Gas Resources
Existing wastewater treatment plants and landfills produce biogas. Some of this biogas is used onsite to provide energy for process heating, but most is flared to atmosphere. Hawaii Gas can capture this biogas, clean it up to a predominantly methane stream and inject it into its existing distribution infrastructure to serve the general public. Hawaii Gas is also exploring the use of large scale biomass production to produce additional biogas, and working with government and industry to develop new pathways for clean, reliable and cost-effective hydrogen fuel supplies.

Synthetic Natural gas


Our SNG is similar in properties to that of natural gas found in the earth all over the world.

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Renewable Natural Gas


Renewable Natural Gas is an ultra-clean, low-carbon natural gas alternative produced by capturing methane from renewable resources.

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Hawaii Gas' propane, also called liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), comes from local refineries and is also brought to Hawaii by tanker.

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Solar Power

Solar power is a clean, abundant and versatile renewable energy source. Sunlight or thermal energy from the sun can be used to produce electricity or heat water.

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