Gas Engineering Guide

Appliance - Accessibility and Clearances

Every gas appliance shall be located with respect to building construction and other equipment so sufficient clearance shall be maintained to permit cleaning of heating surfaces; the replacement of filters, blowers, motors, burners, controls, and vent connectors; the lubrication of moving parts, where required; and, the adjustment and cleaning of burners and pilots. Refer to manufacturer’s installation instructions when required. (NFPA 54, 9.2.1).

All appliances shall be installed with clearances from combustible material in accordance with A.G.A. listings U.L. (Underwriters Laboratories), National Board of Fire Underwriters publications, and local requirements.

Minimum clearances shall be maintained between combustible walls and gas appliances and their vent connectors. (NFPA 54, 9.2.2).

Gas equipment shall not be installed on carpeting, unless the equipment is listed for such installation. (NFPA 54, 9.2.3).

Appliances shall not have less than 30 inches in depth and 36 inches in width of workspace immediately in front of the firebox access opening for service repair and replacement. A door opening into such space shall not be considered as an obstruction. Gas boilers with an input rating of 200,000 Btu/hr or greater have additional clearance requirements that are subject to OSHA codes.

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