Gas Engineering Guide

LP-Gas Tank - Liquid Dispensing LP-Gas Tanks

A dispensing LP-Gas tank is a system designed to measure and transfer liquefied LP-Gas into mounted or portable fuel containers. Liquid LP-Gas shall be transferred only into DOT (Department of Transportation) containers outdoors. Dispensing shall only be completed by an authorized operator trained and certified to dispense LP-Gas. The distance from the point of transfer of liquid fuel to other exposures are governed by the National Fire Protection Agency Standard 58. Confirm with your local governmental agencies on the current adopted version of the Standard. The table below lists clearances between point of transfer and exposures required for a dispensing LP-Gas system.

(1) Walls constructed of non-combustible materials having, as erected, a fire resistance rating of at least one hour as determined by NFPA 215, Standard Methods of Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials.

(2) Not applicable to driveways and point of transfer at vehicle fuel dispensers.

All dispenser locations shall also have operating instructions for filling DOT containers posted on the LP-Gas tank. A portable fire extinguisher shall also be located a minimum of 25 to 50 feet maximum from the dispenser.

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