Gas Engineering Guide

Venting – Vent Installation

All vents shall be continuous to the outside, with all connections properly secured with screws or factory interlocks unless not permitted by vent manufacturer.

Screws shall not penetrate the inner liner of “B” vents. Factory fittings for connectors shall be used. DO NOT cut “B” vents.

Brick chimneys that are not tile lined, except those connected to open-faced effective fireplaces must be provided with an approved corrosion resisting liner when used as a vent for any domestic appliance. Approved concrete or masonry product chimney liners, accepted by the authority having jurisdiction or Mountain Fuel Supply Company, may be used.

Every gravity type vent shall extend in as nearly a vertical direction as possible having no offsets greater than 45 degrees from vertical (offsets greater than 45 degrees are considered horizontal).

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