Gas Engineering Guide

Gas Piping – Shut Off Valves

Valves used in the connection with gas piping shall be approved types. An accessible approved shut-off valve shall be installed in the fuel supply piping outside of each appliance and ahead of the union or connector within 3 feet of the appliance.

Shut-off valves may be located immediately adjacent to and inside or under an appliance when placed in an accessible and protected location and when such appliance may be removed without the removal of the valve.

Gas piping supplying more than one (1) building on any one premise shall be equipped with separate shut-off valves to each building, so arranged that the gas supply can be turned on or off to any individual or separate building. Such shut-off valves shall be located outside the building it supplies and shall be readily accessible. (NFPA 54

The Gas Company will install and maintain necessary service line valves on its service pipes and meters for shutting off the supply of gas to the customer’s premises.

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